Terms And Conditions

Terms and Conditions

With SpeedEx you can reduce and avoid the following problems

Control the delivery of your shipments and cancel late deliveries
Manage cash collection faster and better through money transfers or cash withdrawal service
Track your shipments daily
No loss or damage to shipments
Highly trained delegates with professional behavior
Best domestic and international shipping rates
Increase your profits faster
Provide a comprehensive and complete shipping experience

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Prohibited from shipping items

Any food products or beverages
Illegal items, stolen items, or anything you do not have permission to ship
Glass, plastic, or any items that can be easily broken
Alcohol or tobacco
Illegal electronic devices or communications equipment
Cash and cash equivalents

Dangerous items like

Weapons, explosives, flammable batteries, batteries, etc.

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Cancellation policy

Depending on the stage at which you canceled the delivery, the current policies will apply

  • The shipment within Speedex headquarters is not postponed for more than a week and the shipment is not required to be stopped to complete it and it is made directly returned at the sender's account.

  • If pick-up delivery is canceled prior to the 'pick-up' status, no cancellation fee will apply

  • If you cancel the pickup delivery directly when the representative arrives at your premises, or if no one is present at your headquarters, a cancellation fee will be applied the next day.

  • If you cancel delivery while shipping the product, a cancellation fee will apply if the shipment leaves the company

  • If your customer refuses to accept the product you have sent to, or has exhausted the number of delivery attempts, it will be considered a return, and you will be responsible for the shipping fees.

  • If there is no one present at the delivery address after coordination with the consignee, the representative will contact your customer and wait 10 minutes before returning the shipment, and you will be responsible for the shipping fees

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General terms and conditions for the service

The cost of shipments in which the shipment weight exceeds 3 kilograms will be calculated at 10 Egyptian pounds for each extra kilogram, or the dimensions are calculated by the following equation

** How to calculate the dimensions: (Length x Width x Height) / 3000 **

Speedex will periodically review the number of shipments sent by the company to ensure that the prices specified for the selected package comply with the monthly shipment standard specified in the contract.
The customer undertakes not to use the service for any illegal, immoral, obscene, or fraudulent purpose for any purposes prohibited by Speedex, by the state, or any other regulations.
The customer also undertakes that any use of the service must be in compliance with all local laws. These laws include but are not limited to, laws related to banking, money laundering, commercial penalties, terrorist activities, and narcotic substances.
The customer is fully responsible for the content of the shipment before the law
In the event that the delivery is refused or if the company requests to return the shipment; Speedex will apply the return fee to the customer
Shipping charges are applied to each of the corresponding parcels, whether partial or total parcels, and the shipment is not permissible to open completely, nor to return to the sender unless it is written on the policy.
In the event that a shipment is not permitted to be opened by the sender, the company does not compensate the sender for the price of the shipment, but only compensates him with a maximum amount of 50 pounds.
3% insurance is charged for a shipment of more than 6000 EGP or more
It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the contents of the shipment are properly packaged. Speedex will not be liable for damage due to poor packaging
SpeedEx has the right to increase the prices by notifying the customer in the event of abnormal symptoms in the country
Speedex reserves the right to withdraw the service from the company in the event of any unpaid invoice (s) and take the necessary measures to recover it.
Any legal expenses in collecting these credits to Speedex will be deducted from the customer's account
Speedex is not responsible for the shipment once it has been delivered to the consignee
Speedex reserves the right to disclose the customer's personal information to any legal authority in the event of a request to comply with applicable laws and requests from the legal official authority, to operate the service properly, or to protect Speedex, its business, or its suppliers.
In the event that the company is not able to return the returns to the sender within a maximum period of 30 days for reasons related to it, the responsibility of the company in preserving the returns ends permanently and the sender is not entitled to demand a refund or to claim its value.
In the event that the shipment is canceled by the sender before the shipment leaves the branch, 50% of the shipping fees are charged to the sender in exchange for the pick-up fees, work on them, and their return to the customer
These terms and conditions shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Arab Republic of Egypt


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Methods of collection

In branch
Through the company's branches, with a maximum amount of 10,000 EGP, and you should notify the company 48 hours before the collection date

Vodafone Cash Transfer
The customer bears the Vodafone Cash fees

Bank transfer
Transfer fees will be on the customer's account, in addition to 5 EGP transfer fees

Send courier 
A maximum of 5.000 EGP is delivered to your door, with the customer bearing 15 EGP collection fees

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