Sales specialist

Sales employee is the person concerned with implementing the sales goals within the company, receiving all directions from his direct manager and working to implement them accurately, and thus he is the executive link in the field of sales.

Operation Specialist

He'll manage all shipping operations by following up the shipments inside the branch and also following up with the delegates until they are delivered. The job requires the ability to organize tasks and communicate with different personalities.

Courier Delivery

The delegate is responsible for distributing parcels and documents to institutions, companies, and individuals. It collects documents and parcels from clients' offices or homes and then delivers them to final destinations in the same area. .


He'll beresponsible for disclosure, measurement, and provision of guarantees in relation to financial information and data that would assist managers and investors in making administrative and financial decisions.

Customer Service Representative

It depends on employees who have the skill to deal with and satisfy customers, as well as have the skill to deal with crises and solve problems, and is the link between the institution in which he works and between the customers as he deals with them and tries to solve the obstacles they encounter.