Shipping solutions

SpeedEx provides an easy way to deliver your shipment from everywhere to everywhere and covers all sides of the delivery service. If you own a shop or sell online, we deliver your products to your clients for competitive prices. If you own a company and want to relieve your business from the shipping burden financial and operation-wise, we provide creative solutions for corporates shipping.

Pay on delivery

Beyond the pickup delivery ordinary service, we help you collect your money. If you provide such an advantage for your customers, SpeedEx will secure the payment by providing Pay on delivery, We offer a variety of cash collection methods to meet all your customer needs, and cash it to you in many ways. So, you can rest assure that your revenues will be present to make profits and grow.

Real-Time Shipment Tracking

With SpeedEx user-friendly website, you and your customer can track your shipments from the time you place a shipping order to when it is on your customers doorsteps. Not only that, but our customer service will provide the assistance needed when needed.

Door-to-door delivery

SpeedEx collects your shipment at the designated address and deliver it directly to your customer destination. SpeedEx is responsible for carrying out the delivery from one address to the other, there is no need to go to a hub to collect or pick-up their package.

Stock and ship your products

At SpeedEx, we offer storage for your products to save time and costs. For an extra charge, we can ship these items upon request from our storage right to your client's door.

Pick and Pack

Product packaging is a service provided by SpeedEx to ensure that your products are preserved and shipped optimally to your customer, for a small fee.